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Admissions Office

T 313.664.7425
F 313.872.2739

Undergraduate Admissions Counselors

Admissions Counselor Lisa DeLuca headshot in front of colorful background
Lisa DeLuca
Midwest Regional Admissions Counselor

M: 708-408-5472

Julia Depinto

Julia DePinto (She/Her) 

West Coast Regional Admissions Counselor 

M: 313.391.4190

Olivia Ezinga (she/her)
Assistant Director of Admissions

O: 313-664-7824
M: 313-268-6613


Eric Kaster
Assistant Director of Admissions

M: 313-407-6739

Sabrina Nelson (she/her)
Assistant Director of Admissions

O: 313-664-7432
M: 313-580-4545

headshot of Oliver Postill sitting in front of plant life behind them,

Olliver Postill (he/him)
Admissions Counselor

O: 313-664-7821

Headshot of CCS admission scounselor Christine Phillips

Cristina Phillips (she/her)
Southern Regional Admissions Counselor

M: 313-418-6041 


Patti Spencer (she/her)
Regional Admissions Counselor

M: 313-495-3144

International Admissions

Christopher Corporandy headshot
Chris Corporandy (he/him)
International Admissions Counselor

M: 313-402-2359


Transfer Admissions

Russell Shoemaker headshot
Russell Shoemaker 
Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions
M: 313-570-9566


Graduate Admissions

Britney Underwood
Graduate Admissions Counselor

O: 313-664-7622
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Linnea Stromer
Graduate Admissions Office Coordinator

O: 313-664-7816


Administrative Staff

Amy Armand
Director of Recruitment
T: 313-664-7426
Anthony Miceli (he/him)
Executive Director of Admissions
O: 313-664-7814
M: 313-530-3424

Jane Stewart
Director of Precollege and Continuing Studies
T: 313-664-7457

Emma Cinco (she/her)
Admissions Events Coordinator
T: 313-664-7823

Kristine Morgenstein
Scholastic Coordinator
Michigan Thumb Art Region and Southeastern Michigan Art Region
T: 313-664-7621

Amber Thomas
Director of Transfer and Academic Partnerships
T: 313-664-7422
Susan Enright
Admissions Events Manager
T: 313-664-7427
Christine Osinski (she/her)
Director of Admissions Operations
Adrianne Uphold
Marketing Communications Specialist
T: 313-664-7827